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Don't just take our word for it. Read how both small and large advice firms have used CashCalc to transform their financial planning process.

I am a big fan of CashCalc and the efficiencies it brings. It is a great feeling having the app and getting a notification that another new client has onboarded themselves. Work smarter not harder!

- Robert Lewis | Celtic Financial Planning

I have been using Cashcalc for over five years and I just want to say how much I have enjoyed using the system. The support has always been fantastic. It is incredibly user friendly, easy to understand and looks great in front of my clients. It has made a huge difference to my business, adding real value to our client meetings and helping my clients to achieve their lifetime goals. I think it is the best system out there and I am constantly urging my fellow advisers to use it.

- Neil Beattie | Cadence Financial Solutions Ltd

I have recently started using the CashCalc Secure Portal app and have been very impressed with its look and ease of use. I find the Secure Messaging function particularly useful for client communication and I would recommend any adviser who subscribes to CashCalc, download the app and give it a go.

- Alasdair Coutts-Britton | Better World Financial Planning Limited

CashCalc is user-friendly and produces charts that are visually useful to clients, covering a range of planning scenarios. CashCalc has lots of functionality and tools beyond cashflow modelling. We have been using their planning tools including Carry Forward and Chargeable Gains calculators which are simple to use, whilst ensuring that the tax calculations are accurate. CashCalc has provided excellent training, answer queries promptly and we have been impressed with their service.

- Hester Harris | Saltus

Great initiative by Ray Adams and the CashCalc team. The app is very mobile friendly. Completing the Fact Find and other customised questionnaires is more convenient on mobile than on a laptop. Documents can be shared through the app and those requiring client agreement are timestamped as well.

- Venkateshwaran Subramanian | Begin Financial

We love CashCalc. So easy to use and great customer service. Had a number of questions recently and Reg came back to me instantly with great explanations and illustrations that answered them perfectly! We wouldn't use anyone else. Thanks CashCalc!

- Lisa Doig | Robson Macintosh & Co Ltd

We have been using CashCalc as a financial modeller for six years now but only through lockdown did I eagerly take up the use of online fact-finding. So pleased I did - clients complete it when it suits them, and my experience is that you get more information than a face-to-face notes session. It is customisable too! But this is only one of the many great features of this ever-improving piece of essential kit for an IFA business!

- Neil Rowland | Christison and Rowland LLP

Financial planning for our clients is very similar to the UK in that people have requirements, aspirations, and dreams. As we are in Spain, taking into account two countries systems can make this planning more confusing. CashCalc helps remove some of the uncertainty and leaves clients more reassured after seeing simple output for sometimes complicated planning. The commitment from CashCalc to keep improving is great. And their customer service is just superb. What makes it the best, however, is that it was a Chartered Financial Planner who designed the modelling and brought in computer people to build it. Ray Adams has been in front of clients and has, I am sure, been as frustrated as the rest of us advisers, at the paperwork required to provide advice to clients. The result is a cashflow model that works really well for both clients and advisers. Thank you, Ray and your excellent team.

- Barry Davys | The Spectrum IFA Group

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During the recent Covid lockdowns, we have had to significantly change our business practices to accommodate new, socially distanced ways of working. CashCalc's onboarding tools have been of tremendous benefit and saved us countless hours by automating the issue of client agreements, mandatory disclosure, and client identity documents. In addition, CashCalc has improved the speed with which we can check that potential clients are going to be suitable for our client service offering, by allowing us to pre-screen the basic fact find information given to us when the enquirer created their client account. This has literally saved us hours.

- Paul | Chartered Wealth Manager

For many years I grabbled with the complexity of many cashflow retirement tools and struggled to build them into the advice process. Then CashCalc came along and transformed how we worked in this area. Simple and easy to use, and more importantly well understood and valued by our clients. The client's cashflow plan now sits at the centre of annual reviews and really helps our clients understand their needs, if they are on target to meet these needs and making sure they stay safe in retirement. I am not quite sure how we managed without CashCalc.

- Calum Cameron | Fairstone Financial Management

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I was recommended to use this software by an mentor of mine. The software is so clear, presentable and sophisticated compared to relying on basic excel sheets and graphs. The videos and tutorials by Ray Adams are also really good. I also found found Monica on the customer support desk delightful as she kindly helped solve a some teething problems I had when I first used the application coming up to 5 pm. I would highly recommend this service.

- Farhan Sattar | Intrinsic Financial Services

Congratulations guys on the 4th anniversary. I've recommended the software to dozens of firms up here in Scotland, who have all thanked me [should be you though] for what is undoubtedly the most transparent and easy-to-use system in the market, a real benefit to clients who fully appreciate the true, uncomplicated picture of their financial future. Keep up the good work.

- Tom Munro | Tom Munro Financial Solutions

I've been using Cashcalc for a couple of months now. I love the functionality and am really impressed with the support you offer. A great company, good product and fantastic staff.

- Graham Pratley | The Wealth Management Partnership

I’ve been really sceptical about cashflow tools and have resisted using them. But after spending a bit of time getting to understand your system [CashCalc], I’m now hooked and am a true convert and believer.

- Michael McLintock | Adelp Financial Solutions

CashCalc is exactly what a cashflow forecasting tool should be. Easy to operate for us and easy for a client to understand. The system is constantly being developed, without making it more complicated and is without doubt the best we have used.

- Terry Larkin | Cranwell James Financial Planning

I have tried many different types of cash-flow modelling tools but all have been far too convoluted and data hungry to be of any significant help. CashCalc on the other hand enables you to produce quick and clear illustrations which in turn are easy to edit or duplicate. As a means of showing a client a general sense of direction and what to do about it; perfect.

- Aidan Bailey | The Fry Group

For us at Wealth Help, CashCalc has already become a major part of the service we offer to our clients. The cashflow forecasting tool in particular helps us as Financial Advisers add clarity to our clients finances very quickly and without too much fuss. The ease of use of the software is brilliant and the benefits for our clients of "seeing" their finances is invaluable. In addition the support we've received has been top class. It feels as though CashCalc is part of our business and the improvements they're constantly making on the software make our life easier everyday!

- Stuart Bailey | Wealth Help Ltd

Cashflow planning is, in our view, an integral part of delivering high quality financial advice. We have considered many different providers of cashflow software and we are so happy with CashCalc. We have found their reports to be simple to construct and, above all, easy for clients to follow and understand. CashCalc are also very helpful and extremely competitive in their pricing. We highly recommend them, particularly their enhanced services which are excellent.

- Marco Vallone | Brighton Financial Ltd

A versatile suite of tools made simple and cost effective but very effective for client discussion and planning.

- Graeme Ferguson | Ferguson Wealth Management Ltd

There are more complicated solutions out there. But CashCalc is our "go-to" lifetime cashflow forecasting solution because the simplicity leads to clients really trusting the inputs and therefore the outputs. The additional tools are a bonus and the IT team seem responsive to suggestions on development.

- Andrew Reeves | The Investment Coach Limited

We looked at a number of cashflow planning tools in the market. Our aim was to find one that was simple to use yet powerful enough to provide a meaningful and understandable output for our clients. You can tell that this is something designed by practising financial planners with the end client fully in mind.

- Liam Winstanley | Ribble Valley Financial Planning Ltd

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I have looked at various Cashflow modelling tools as they now seem an essential way to interact and provide ongoing financial advice to clients. I have always been put off as they were far too complex not to mention consuming. Cashcalc was brought to my attention by a colleague and has been a light bulb moment for my clients and me. Incredibly simple and offers simple calculators for quick calculations through to an advanced Lifetime Cashflow calculator which is still very simple. You can tell it has been designed by practising Advisers and the cost each month is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much Cashcalc.

- Iain Dalling | True Potential Wealth Management LLP

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting that issue for Darren so promptly, it was very much appreciated at such short notice. A testament to you and the support team at CashCalc.

- Chris Danks | Ascot Lloyd

I moved over to CashCalc from a competitor about 6 months ago and the interaction with clients has been transformed since then. The structure of the cashflow analysis tool, especially the more advanced one, is simple yet sophisticated enough to show many different scenarios in a way that the clients easily understand. A fantastic system!

- Gordon Craig | Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd

The CashCalc Premium service offers a perfect balance of accurate, meaningful reports, whilst being straightforward and intuitive to use. Love it!

- Gareth Chalk | Blackstone Partners

We love CashCalc because its simple to use and produces great results. Clients love CashCalc because its simple to use, they get involved with the plan and not bogged down in it. They love the clear visuals and easy to understand reports. Every single client who we have used CashCalc with has become more interested than ever in their financial planning and our relationship with them is all the stronger for that.

- Darren Cooke | Red Circle Financial Planning

This software is simple to use and works by engaging clients in their financial futures, without overcomplicating things. I have been waiting 25 years for a financial planning tool like this. It even beats a pen and pad of paper! Give it a go.

- John Donaldson | Yours Financially Ltd

Cashcalc has transformed our value proposition, we love it, clients love it and the support/service is outstanding everytime!

- Ross Taylor | Taylor & Taylor Financial Services Ltd

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