Planning Tools

With the country's market leading Cashflow Modeller, you'll be able to create powerful and engaging lifetime cashflow plans (with the option to include tax calculations) which will bring your client's financial situation to life. You can also enjoy 20+ other financial planning tools.

Create better plans

Our Planning tools are designed to help you create better financial plans for your clients. With over 20+ tools to choose from covering all aspects of financial planning, each one produces an informative report which is easy to understand.

Planning Tools

Cashflow Modeller (Net)

Use the country's market-leading Cashflow Modeller to create powerful and engaging lifetime cashflow plans.

Cashflow Modeller (Gross)

Use our gross version to create cashflow plans which account for tax rates, thresholds and much more.

Cashflow Modeller (Basic)

The perfect introductory tool for those who are new to cashflow modelling.

Monte Carlo

Run stochastic simulations to help determine the likelihood of a pot staying above a certain threshold.

Stress Testing

Stress test your client's cashflow forecasts to help clients prepare for market peaks and troughs.

Capacity For Loss

Test your client's capacity for loss to help determine the likelihood of achieving their objectives.

Timeline of Goals

Map out your client's key life and financial events on a visual timeline.

Pension Tools

From pension forecast to drawdown, help demonstrate the impacts on your client's retirement.

Mortgage Tools

A range of Mortgage Tools to help you plan for a property purchase.

IHT Tool

Plan for first and second deaths of couples with individual assets and liabilities.

Investment Tools

From chargeable gains to tax relief calculators, help clients understand their investment decisions.

Protection Tools

Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection calculators to help clients maximise their income security.

Engaging Reports

All calculators and tools produce a concise and engaging report, filled with everything your client needs.