Onboarding Tools

With tools including the secure Client Portal and Digital Fact Find, you'll be able to securely communicate and share information with your clients throughout your entire financial planning process.

Enhance client engagement

Our Onboarding tools are designed to enhance client engagement as well as solve many pain points both you and your client experience when securely communicating and sharing information with each other.

Onboarding Tools

Secure Client Portal

Securely communicate and share information with your clients using your very own secure Client Portal.

Client Self-Onboarding

Allow potential clients to onboard themselves by registering for a secure Portal account.

Dynamic Fact Find

Use a digital Fact Find to accurately collect client information remotely via the secure Client Portal.

Custom Fact Find

Add your own questions and really tailor the Dynamic Fact Find to you and your company.

Document Exchange (2-way)

Instantly share documents with your clients via the secure Client Portal, and vice versa.

Digital Sign/Accept

Allow clients to digitally sign or accept documents via the secure Client Portal, such as your fee agreement.

Secure Messaging (2-way)

Replace insecure communication methods by safely sending messages to your clients via the Client Portal.

Open Banking

Coming Soon.

Anti-Money Laundering

Perform a quick and easy AML check via CashCalc using our integration with Credas.

Letter of Authority

Automatically generate and pre-populate Letters of Authority at the click of a button.

Custom Links

Securely provide your clients with links to other websites, such as a link to your ATR questionnaire.

Disclosure Documents

Automatically share your Disclosure Documents with clients as soon as they create a secure Portal account.